Wednesday, 14 December 2011

On winter

It is a cold winter all over the place, frozen trees standing, golden leaves barely moving,

Shadows of people aloof from their lives,

Smoky words uttered in simplicity spread into the stiff air.

It isn't a time of change for those born when we did. 

And while you whisper let me have it my way, as if you know I am bound to words,

- Hope, you say, in the time of winter - 

I see only your hands crossing the borders between seasons.

Things I should know

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Starea ta naturala (perfecţiunea) nu este nici entuziasmul, nici descurajarea. Starea ta naturală este liniştea. * Iubirea musei nu e pasională, e totală. Musa cunoaşte ceva asemănător adoraţiei, dar mai adânc, mai liniştit. Vă scriu din altă lume... * (Gellu Naum: Calea Şearpelui)

Things you should know

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