Saturday, 26 November 2011

Amidst all these, an invitation


I want to share this emptiness with you. Not fill the silence with false notes or put tracks through the void. 

I want to share this wilderness of failure...

The others have built you a highway - fast lanes in both directions; 

I offer you a journey without direction, uncertainty and no sweet conclusion.

(Derek Jarman: The Garden)


Things I should know

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Starea ta naturala (perfecţiunea) nu este nici entuziasmul, nici descurajarea. Starea ta naturală este liniştea. * Iubirea musei nu e pasională, e totală. Musa cunoaşte ceva asemănător adoraţiei, dar mai adânc, mai liniştit. Vă scriu din altă lume... * (Gellu Naum: Calea Şearpelui)

Things you should know

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