Saturday, 15 January 2011

Away for a while



  1. For those of you who are already acquainted with this blog and return to post comments or just to enjoy the road... I am away for a while and I won't be able to reply to your comments [in the happy event there will be some ;-)] for some days, maybe weeks. I apologize for keeping you waiting.

    I have made this post especially for those who return. :-)

  2. Dear Cris,
    I'll make a comment to the post later. I'm writing now hoping you have the time to read it 'before you go-go'. To thank you for your words about my previous message. And to tell you I believe the fog the railway disappears into will soon dissipate and you'll find yourself in 'a different country', metaphorically speaking. Which reminds me of the beginning of Hartley's novel 'The Go-Between':'The past is a different country. They do things differently there'.
    I find YOUR BLOG a different country, an endearing one,where things do happen differently,as if by magic. And where I will always come with the greatest joy!
    I'm looking forward to your return!

  3. And now you left ?...

    Ti-am urmarit ultimele posturi, unu imi era interzis si am respectat acest lucru, ai niste fotografii pierdute in lume exceptionale si un ritual analizat intr-un mod care m-a lasat fara cuvinte.

  4. drumul dragei mele mi se pare atat de clar si de alb,la fiecare capat se ridica ceata,intre logica ei cu geometrie,fiecare pas este atat de bine statornicit,ce usoara si plina de asteptarea urmatorului cristal imi pare calatoria cu ea...

  5. Dear Cris,
    I promised a commentary to your latest post and here I am, fresh as a daisy (do daisies have red berries incorporated? I should think so) after I packed my Christmas decorations and sent them to the cellar. To me winter is over and I'm looking forward to Easter time, now.
    Your post, under these circumstances, tells me, at least, of the soul's progress through 'the winter of our discontent' to the spring of our wishes. A modern pilgrimage, through vast, foggy, deserted p(l)ains towards a goal that can take any shape and accommodate any faith.
    It's interesting that when first opening the post the only thing you see is the electric wires.They look like a ship's mast - 'And ice, mast-high, came floating by' (Coleridge). I find the same fear of immobility (despite the speed of the engine) and sense of oppression in your post as in Coleridge's poem. Which reads further:
    'At length did cross an Albatross,/Thorough the fog it came;'
    How would YOU hail an Albatross?
    I also liked this 'in medias res' beginning of your narrative. It's funny it always happens when railways are involved. They never seem to have any beginning or ending point.
    And one last thing. The viewer was either in the last carriage, looking out of the window at the back of the carriage. Melancholy. Or, possibly, in the engine cabin looking through the cabin window, hoping to arrive sooner. Full of hope.
    Nice post, ambiguous, romantic, mysterious.

  6. Buna, Vladimir,
    Si, ca intotdeauna, multumesc pentru vizita. Dupa cum ti-am spus, nimic nu ti-a fost interzis pe blog. ‘women only’ desemneaza un spatiu pe care eu il dedic femeilor, dar cred ca o fac pentru the male gaze ;-)
    ma bucur ca iti plac lumile mele pierdute in lume. ;-)

  7. Oh, draga mea Cerasela,
    Iti jur ca sunt fara cuvinte in fata frumusetilor pe care le vezi, de sub sprancene. ;-)
    Si ce frumos spui tu: ‘calatoria cu ea’.

  8. Dear Anonymous Woman,

    [from now on I shall refer to you as ‘A.’ – from Anonymous, of course ;-), apparently anonymity is fashionable again; even films/books tend to follow the trends ;-) for instance: 'Anonyma – Eine Frau in Berlin' is a good example ;-)]

    Thank you again for your kind and sincere words. How did you know that Hartley's beginning was quite an obsession for me for a long time?! :-)
    So, you have a way with words, I truly believe you are a skilled writer of some sort. ;-) And a critic also, and one with good eyes.
    What is more to be said about my post when you said it all?! ;-)
    In medias res, indeed; railways never have an ending point, this is how I also picture them, or, more likely, this is how I hope them to be.


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