Friday, 11 March 2011

A thousand fathoms deep


“May it grow to a thousand fathoms,” said Genji.
“Mine it shall be, rich as the grasses beneath
The fathomless sea, the thousand−fathomed sea.”

Murasaki took out brush and paper and set down her answer:


“It may indeed be a thousand fathoms deep.
How can I know, when it restlessly comes and goes?”

She wrote well, but a pleasant girlishness remained.

(Murasaki Shikibu: The Tale of Genji)



  1. in imaginile dragei mele,intotdeauna o revarsare alb-negru,matasoasa,pe care cu gandul nu are rost a incerca s-o pricepi,fiindca mi s-ar parea,cumva,ca as strivi corola,ca m-as rataci,ca n-as mai trai sentimentul de ocrotire pe care mi-l mereu spectacolul unui adapost de suvite.iar frumusetea femeii acesteia pe care o iubim atata este surprinsa,intr-adevar,in zorii de zi in care ea traieste si isi rasfira formele...

  2. Dear Cris,
    Your post so beautiful in its black-and-white innocence, in the graceful image of the wind playing havoc in the girl's black hair was so tragically associated with the fathomless sea in Genji's story. I say tragical because of all days it was posted on March 11!
    How could you have known! How could anyone have imagined such a terrible, terrible thing!
    I'll write more on it in a couple of days.
    The post is beautiful. It is I who am a little bit uprooted... though I am miles away from Japan.

  3. Dear Cris,
    Murasaki would have approved of it. Girlishness...The wisps of the her black hair...the strap of her black bra... A beautiful girl rejoicing in the whiteness of her skin, toying with masks, revealing her shoulder but concealing her face. Enticing and refusing, innocent and perverse. A faceless beauty...a mermaid of the wind...

  4. ... as if she is born over and over from the light itself, this pleasant girlishness, the hair thrown over the eyes and lips, playfulness that is the most intensely erotic where memory and dream become one, lost already and never absent for any moment from this forward....

  5. Checking back time and again with a thrill of anticipation. I am patient and I am hopeful. I am waiting. I know you will keep delighting me.

  6. Dear all,

    thank you for coming, for writing and for waiting. I am grateful for your patience.

    I am happy that you've liked this post, the faceless ravishing woman who childishly played with her hair in front of my camera.

    Thank you again for returning to check on this blog and on me. I will try not to vanish like this again. :)


  7. Chère Cristina, vos photos sont en mouvements, délicates, magnifiques, de véritables contes poétiques et sensuel d'un réel amour pour le corps, la couleur, la vie... :-)
    I looove your blog... in french... je kiffe à mort !!! :-)
    Bises ;-)

  8. Cher Jeff,

    Merci beaucoup.


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