Saturday, 26 November 2011

Amidst all these, an invitation


I want to share this emptiness with you. Not fill the silence with false notes or put tracks through the void. 

I want to share this wilderness of failure...

The others have built you a highway - fast lanes in both directions; 

I offer you a journey without direction, uncertainty and no sweet conclusion.

(Derek Jarman: The Garden)



  1. whoever is able to share a wilderness of failure is beyond failure... in fact, failure doesn't exist under the sky full of stars, one only needs to rise one's head and look up -

    wonderful, just wonderful

    how i missed you here

    (and who on earth needs sweet conclusions after all)

  2. i love the parting, like a wild and bewildered snake, looking for a way out of that night of tangled hair :-)
    (tangled hair, tangled thoughts, as my old japanese poet ladies have learned me to associate)

  3. And yet, no matter how desolate a day may appear, you fill the vast and empty desert we all inhabit to overflowing with the beauty of the art you create.

    Finally, art is all that matters.

  4. Dear Cris,
    Thank you for the invitation. No direction is a familiar path so I have started packing. And who wants certainties? They only bring dead-ends and blind alleys.
    I don't know anything about Jarman's film but I can read 'red berries' in your pictures. And I think that in spite of their desolate grayish hues, they speak the sweet language of hope. The girl's arms write a double V, they end on an ascending note. And her closed fists point at her inner strength, you know she will fight back. She's just counting the minutes.
    The second picture is even more enlightening.The pair of slippers barely distinguishable from the floor has started the journey. Where to? Where why? Where who? There is no foot inside them, nobody actually leaves. They are just a blurred idea of a voyage to the land of failure. But there is no actual voyage, no material land, no real failure. It's only beauty and art. Like yourself...

    Day after day I'm more confused
    Yet I look for the light in the pouring rain
    You know that's a game that I hate to lose
    I'm feelin' the strain, ain't it a shame (Drift Away Lyrics)

  5. oh the freedom from conclusions. I needed that.

  6. :)da,la fel cred si eu,cine are nevoie de concluzii,de directii clare,cine renunta,de fapt,la placerea asimptoticului?
    la fel,desi cerul imi este martor ca nu vreau sa plagiez nicicand in viata mea,nu cred in esec cum nu cred,mai mult,nici in victorii.daca ar fi sa cred in ceva,sau mai degraba ceva,este conturul atat de fin intre suvitele coditelor tale si albul pe care se proiecteaza intreaga vietuirea noastra,cel care cuprinde totul-raceala departarii si atat de frumoasele noastre dovezi ca suntem oameni.
    atat de dor

  7. I am touched and I feel privileged. For being let in to so much beauty and delicacy, for witnessing how life, no matter the colour and taste of here and now, can become art. For being allowed to get a peek at such intimate, private moments. Thank you, you really made my day.

  8. It's the time of the year when for blue rain I long...

  9. Dear all,

    I cannot thank you enough for being here in this world of private dreams and for posting such beautiful comments. I couldn’t dare, at the time of the last post, that you would like it as you did.

    Liebe Roxana, you are right, there is no such thing as failure. But there is hope. ;-)

    Dear Owen, thank you for visiting again. I do not dare call the thing that I do ‘art’ but you are quite right. Art is all that matters and our understanding of it, I dare add.

    Dearest A., needless to say that your reading of this post put a different light on my own photos and my days at that time. What else could I add when you said it all?! Thank you for starting packing, for keeping faith, and for being here.

    Dear Allie, finally! ;-)

    Draga Cerasela, cat de frumos, tu, iar, conturezi o liniste si o acceptare pe care nu le-as fi putut cunoaste fara tine. M-am imbatat cu aceste cuvinte: ‘frumoasele noastre dovezi ca suntem oameni’.

    Preadraga Hajszi, I am speechless and I feel privileged as you showed up here.

    For all of you and for me, a post on ‘the sweetest language of hope’.


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