Thursday, 1 March 2012

For you, my spring


  1. revarsarea de culoare a acoperit albul.
    era si timpul,zic,simtind rascolirea in mine...

  2. your hair, your flowers, your spring - everything i have missed, for so long!

  3. where autumn is coming2 March 2012 at 02:03

    post-post-post impressionistic one, aquarelle beauty

  4. oh, Cerasela, cum aduci tu poezia peste tot, cat de frumoasa rascolirea ta. cine ar intelege mai bine, intreb...

    liebe Roxana,
    but for you, I wouldn't have made this post. you, spring lover...

    where autumn is coming,
    I am glad you came here to enjoy this spring. Autum, I dare say, is a different spring. beauty is everywhere.

  5. Dear Cris,
    Is it the fairy of fire or the peacock of love that crosses the space of one morning?
    Or is it the spring in your hair? In your heart?

  6. Dear A.,
    Your questions are such an invite to poetry.
    I think it is the very essence of life as I know it that crosses the space of all mornings. Twice a week I wake up at the unbearable – at least for me – 6 am and rush to work. I stumble while getting dressed, brushing my teeth, sipping the hot coffee, I mumble all the way to the door, I am cranky while trying to shut it close behind me, thinking that God must have invented mornings for something else than work. But then I get out of the block of flats and the world cracks open. Just in front of me. I take a deep breath and look around; it is all so new, so fresh, veiled in such a cold yet nascent light. All these people, all these different lives, unknown to me, all these dreams they have and I do not share, their looks and their silent gestures... I stop and marvel - envying them for such enthusiasm and energy, for walking the dogs at crazy hours, for being so faithful to such habit, for finding a purpose where I think it lacks. I cross the street, get on the bus, and think; these are lovely mornings/frames, part of my spring, my heart, my life.

    [the ending of a prosaic moment ;-)]

  7. Superbe blog Cris !
    Amitiés :-)

  8. Thank you, Jeff, for paying a visit. Yours is a beauty.


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