Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The colours of my childhood

At first, these were the colours of my world.
The space was vast; an endless world of faded colours.

But then, one day, from within the vastness of my world,
I noticed the change of light and tones.

And then they gathered all the paint brushes from other worlds
and changed the coulouring of mine.

Suddenly, the vastness shrunk.

Red invades my memories. It could have been alizarine red.

Or a light shade of moss green.

Or maybe an assortment of greens, whites, and grays.

It was only when I returned that it all came back to me.

It was as simple as watching the sky above.

All shades of blue...

Blue is the colour of my childhood.


  1. ce minunatie... sunt muta.

    e asa de frumoasa, cea draga! tot, tot -

  2. multumesc, cea draga.
    ma bucur, daca ai sti, ca un copil.

  3. ai folosit filtre?

    si ce frumos ai scris! cand am inceput sa citesc ma chinuiam sa ghices din ce poet ar putea fi :-)

    care crezi ca sunt preferatele mele, primele 2? :-)

  4. da, am folosit filtre. :)

    oh, uite ce poetesa in viata sunt. :))

    preferatele tale... ultimele doua? :)

  5. preferatele mele sunt cea cu dovleacul uscat si cu geamul verde (?) reflectat in copaci :-)

  6. geamul verde care reflecta copacii este si preferata mea. ;-)

  7. If one could ever fall in love with a blue window frame... this would be the moment... falling, tumbling...

  8. J'adore... Quelle superbe poésie de couleurs et de sentiments...

  9. Merci, Jeff, c'est un honneur.


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