Saturday, 11 December 2010

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  1. Hi, Cris,
    This is a visionary post. The fog creating a whirlpool of phantasmata in the background conceals the Road's utterly guilty conscience.
    'God knows, my son,
    By what by-paths and indirect crooked ways
    I met this crown.' Henry IV (Shakespeare)
    This Road, too, must have led many a vicious man to crimes and odious deeds. Murder and deception. And now, on the onset of winter, it suddenly gives in and unceremonially yields to the crashing force of fog... It wishes it could forget its past. But it can only 'forfog' it. Little recompense, alas! A life of shame and ignobility that only fog can turn invisible. But how deep and how long?

  2. Dear Anonymous Woman,
    Such an interesting approach to my post you have, such a mysterious story you tell about the road, no wonder you are a mysterious woman! I have never thought of the Road in this fascinating and mysterious way. I have never looked at Shakespeare for inspiration either [shame on me, I know] and your citation is now stuck in my brain. Indeed, this kind of Road seems treacherous and misleads men to odious crimes. This kind of Road would want to hide from all these deeds, from all the eyes, in the depths and in the fog. This is why it is an immense pleasure to have you here, in the world of private dreams. ;)
    'to forfog' - such an interesting linguistic invention. I am envious. :)

  3. Don't be envious, dear Cris, you are young! And an artist! Others live on less!
    Thank you for your words! I don't deserve them! Your posts are so entrancing, some bursting with energy, others so desolate and on the verge of emotional chaos!
    Keep posting, keep seeing, feeling, tasting, living! It's worthwhile!

  4. Thank you, dear anonymous woman.

    Your worlds are like Christmas presents.
    I might me young but you are wise. Who else could write such intense remarks about some photos than a connoisseur of life (and fine literature)? ;-)


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